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Imagine your teams being able to use Spotlite technology to complete all regulatory ID, right-to-work and DBS checks, in just 60 seconds remotely or face to face with the Applicant.

our revolutionary DBS solution is, uniquely, fully integrated with our Identity documentation validation technology.


It is digitally integrated with DBS e-bulk allowing us to provide fully automated checks at speed. All with central MI at the click of a button.


Our Customers love the intuitive, digital, RTW and DBS experience that applicants expect and understand, enhancing your brand in the process.


Revolutionary technology, that is quick and easy to use and, most importantly, keeps you compliant – from a certified IDSP, in compliance with the UK government standards and regulations for Right to Work and the DBS Code of Practice.


That’s it… You’re done…Why would you do it any other way!

Faster, safer, cheaper

Why use Spotlite for DBS checks


Our intuitive Spotlite app and portal remove any need for form filling on line. Applicants love it and it minimises delays.

Digital DBS checks are completed and digitally transmitted to DBS same day.


Our Spotlite system is built to high security standards. We are a Home Office approved IDSP and our tech is fully GDPR compliant, so you can take comfort that your data is in safe hands.

Our tech is trusted by thousands of applicants and customers.


Our revolutionary fully digital Spotlite technology is integrated into the DBS e-bulk system removing the need for lots of costly manual processing.

Our combined RTW and DBS checks significantly reduce time to apply and save you money.

AI Enabled & Customisable

Our digital, AI-powered, cloud technology ensures the highest standards of accuracy, minimising risk and future proofing you for always continually changing regulations.

Our client portal enables you to track your applications and stay up to date every step of the way.

What are DBS checks?

DBS checks help employers to make safer recruitment decisions by checking a prospective employee’s criminal history. Employers can request a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check as part of their recruitment process.

We understand it can be confusing to determine which level of DBS check is needed for each job role. That's why Spotlite has predefined job roles that are confirmed eligible for the appropriate level of DBS check.

Types of DBS checks:

Standard check
Is available for roles including court officers, employment within a prison, and Security Industry Authority (SIA) licences. It shows details of all spent and unspent convictions and adult cautions from the Police National Computer (PNC).
Enhanced check

Is available for specific duties eg, regularly caring for, training, supervising or being solely in charge of children, specified activities with adults in receipt of health care or social care services and applicants for gaming and lottery licences. It shows the same PNC information as the standard level certificate but also includes a check of information held by police forces.

Enhanced with barred

Is only available for those individuals who are carrying out regulated activity and a small number of positions e.g. prospective adoptive parents and taxi and Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) licences. It shows the same PNC information and check of information held by police forces as an enhanced level check but in addition will check against the children’s and/or adult’s barred lists.

How Spotlite works

Add an applicant to the portal and choose the role they are applying for.

The applicant receives an SMS message to download the Spotlite app. They scan their documents to complete the application process & submit.

Spotlite validates the application data with 3rd party data sources in 60 seconds. It is countersigned and submitted directly to DBS e-bulk.

Use the portal to check DBS progress, view/download RTW certificate & Receive DBS Response.

Unique features:

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