Employment Screening

On your phone.



Our employment services allow you to reduce your security and GDPR risk. No more multiple databases, containing multiple documents.

Your employees manage their own data in SafeGuarden. They grant you access to that data as they are required to do for your terms of employment and regulatory obligations. If that data changes, expires or is withdrawn we will alert you immediately.

In the meantime, the Spotlite compliance system has your back.

For the employee:

Details, documents and personal data transferred between you and your employee are retained on the RealMe blockchain for the benefit of both parties.

Employment Services

Spotlite is the ideal mobile app for employers and agencies to provide evidence that they have performed their regulatory and risk assessments.

These are simple, easy to use apps for Applicants and Staff—no specialist training is required.

Our Pre-Employment Screen Service pack:

Our Employee On-Going Monitoring Service Pack includes:

For the employee:

For details of our Pay-as-you-go and Subscription options, please contact us.

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