Customer Management

Safe and secure onboarding services. On any customer device. Anywhere.

How it works

YOU choose appropriate data / doc capture needs and the compliance checks required for ANY regulated products or services that you are providing then:

We simply SMS / Email invite your customer to download YOUR Spotlite App for an elegant personalised onboarding experience.

Optional plugins: selfie, biometric, auto-photo ID, proof of address, other docs, contact details, third party data

We validate their details in real-time and confirm

You can ask them to provide additional information as necessary

That’s it! Less clicks to safely register and digitally welcome customers to your services…
In the time its taken you to read this…
your prospects could be safely registered customers!
Photo ID

Stay compliant

We’ll help you evidence compliance, with a safe, secure and simple digital experience​

We provide customer management solutions that empower your people and engage your customers – wherever they are
Privacy and security is delivered by the SafeGuarden Data Trust hosted on Microsoft Azure based in the UK
You can exercise control, consistency and understanding with our CRM automation tools or simply download to legacy systems
Optional checks for ID verification, passport NFC validation, AML & Sanctions, financial probity, adverse media, and social media
You can also upgrade for branded apps, web portals, digital ID/membership cards, enterprise workflows and dashboards, camera as a keyboard (doc/data scanned can pre-populate forms)
Spotlite App

Empower your customers

Empower individuals with a Digital ID for any situation that reduces GDPR and security risk

Minimal IT. No more multiple databases, with duplicated document and data management.

We enable individuals to safely manage their own personal data with simple tools linking their RealMe ID and their secure RealMe Wallet in the SafeGuarden Data Trust.

They can share and control real-time consented access to contextually specified data for any scenario or situation e.g. site access, ID verification, age verification, rapid registration, safeguarding, wellbeing, memberships.

Consented exchange at the point of need.


Combine context and consent with real world provenance to become meaningful and useful

Individuals receive a verifiable RealMe digital ID

Secure access to the SafeGuarden Data Trust

Add contextual Personas and Data Passports

All consented access records are retained on the RealMe blockchain

for auditable governance

You can also upgrade for branded apps, portals, digital ID / membership cards, enterprise workflows, MI dashboards and compliance trackers

To ensure repeat interactions process faster and safely we can provide:

Access to our IntegrityGateway for rapid verification

Ensure policy and regulatory obligations are always met

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